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Dermaray UV narrow band NB-311.
Dermaray Laser for hair loss


Welcome to the future of laser and UV phototherapy. Dermaray is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Boasting more power, more features with revolutionary user safety.

"The Dermaray project represents the first major innovation and advancement in home hand held phototherapy since phototherapy was invented; existing products are now obsolete. Dermaray in essence, is phototherapy redesigned without compromise."

Until now there has been powerful and expensive phototherapy available in clinics or low powered inconvenient devices for home. Finally Dermaray delivers powerful, safe, portable and convenient personal phototherapy.

Dermaray has been designed to go beyond conventional technology restraints. Beyond both design limitation and traditional thinking. Dermaray delivers everything you expect from home laser or UV phototherapy and more. The design goal for Dermaray was simple: to create the most powerful, safest, convenient, robust and reliable medical devices with entirely new innovations in capabilities and design. Dermaray must be true phototherapy entirely created for the 21st century. Dermaray has achieved this goal and goes beyond. Dermaray has smart, innovative features that make personal phototherapy safer and more effective. Dermaray has unique technological advances not found in other designs. Dermaray really is light years ahead of the pack.

Advancement has been the driving philosophy behind every new idea applied to Dermaray. Using a Dermaray product is where you'll first appreciate the many technological and user friendly advantages. At the core of Dermaray is our trademark Phototherapy Operating System (POS.) This gives Dermaray the interactive intelligence, or personality, that brings life to the system and differentiates Dermaray from all other personal or home phototherapy devices. By informing Dermaray of your condition and skin type, Dermaray will intelligently establish, administer and monitor your home treatment program - and that is just the start.

The Dermaray Phototherapy Operating System provides the uncompromising performance you have come to expect from modern home digital lifestyle equipment, delivered with remarkable refinement and simplicity. You will find Dermaray easier to use and therefore be more confident in your home treatment program. Dermaray industry leading proximity detection safe guards against accidental exposure and also over exposure. An entirely new safety standard in home phototherapy equipment. Dermaray is the first to adopt a revolutionary self-monitoring system that intelligently manages the internal operating environment and other essential services ensuring years of trouble free operation. Reliability enhancements available exclusively from Dermaray.

Dermaray has quickly forged a reputation for "phototherapy without compromise." Dermaray is a refined and calculated approach in the advancement of personal home phototherapy appliances. To ensure peerless capabilities, Dermaray can be entirely configured to treat multiple users or optionally connected to a personal computer for easy customisation. Add the convenience and portability of rechargeable high capacity batteries and the intelligence of a smart universal power charger and Dermaray is an entirely new class of medical devices. Dermaray is technology designed for you and how you live. Dermaray works the way you do. Can you imagine using your cell phone or music player permanently connected to power? We cannot, nor do we expect you to either.

Nothing much has changed in home phototherapy technology for years. Aside from fancy marketing claims and deliberately misleading advertising. Dermaray is different. We will not bore you with comparison charts and "us" vs. "them" rhetoric. As you will see there simply is no comparison, Dermaray's unique features and specifications speak for themselves.

At Dermaray we are not interested in convincing you that particular technology works, is the best form of treatment for you, or flooding you with thousands of testimonials, misleading before and after photographs, censored and self-promoting web forums or countless other emotive deceptions to convince you to buy our product. We simply provide accurate and concise specifications and the most capable products available today. Please make your own informed decision on the best treatment for your condition. If you are interested in performance, quality and innovative features, you simply cannot look past Dermaray. Dermaray is an evolution in UV and laser phototherapy.

DERMARAY-UV (patent pending)

Dermaray UV ultra violet lamp.Handheld and battery operated medical treatment for chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis, acne and alopecia areata (autoimmune hair loss.) The safest, most powerful and technically advanced hand held UV phototherapy available. more

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DERMARAY-LASER (patent pending)

Dermaray Laser LLLt laser comb.Hand held and battery operated medical treatment for general or pattern hair loss, physiotherapy applications, cosmetic skin treatments and chronic pain management. The safest, most powerful and technically advanced hand held laser phototherapy available. more

Available NOW


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