Dermaray UVB treatment at home.

Dermaray UV: Psoriasis patient results with home treatment

"The Dermaray brand represents the first major innovation and advancement in hand held phototherapy since phototherapy was invented; existing products are now largely obsolete. Dermaray in essence, is Phototherapy redesigned without compromise."

  • Dermaray's innovative home phototherapy systems provide nearly instant relief and long term remission for most patients. Narrow band UV phototherapy provides rapid clearing of scales and spots while providing long term remission for most patients. Optional treatment packs provide natural moisturisers and a high potency vitamin cream.
  • A combined treatment approach provides better and faster results and longer remission periods after treatment.
The pictures below are taken personally by a patient over the initial 4~6 week treatment program, this patient administered for 5 weeks. Results of any treatment vary from person to person.  Remission is usually achieved in 4~6 weeks. Maintenance treatments will generally keep psoriasis in remission for lengthy periods, sometimes years. Short term moisturiser treatment was applied only for weeks 1 and 2.


Session Right side body Left side body Right lower leg Left lower leg
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
3 months after final session coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon

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