Dermaray treatment products.

Dermaray Products:

Dermaray UVB treatment lamp

Dermaray UV treatment phototherapy lamp.

Dermaray UV is the next generation phototherapy lamp with many unique safety features. It calculates and manages patient treatment times making it the safest home phototherapy system available. Dermaray UV is battery operated and comes with a convenient to use universal power adapter. This product is designed to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, dermatitis and other inflammatory conditions. Dermaray UV revolutionises home UVB phototherapy.


Dermaray Laser Hair Loss Comb

Dermaray Laser Comb for hair loss.

Dermaray Laser is a powerful, safe and portable laser hair comb for the home treatment of hair loss, thinning hair and other scalp problems such as dry, flaking and itchy scalps. It has innovative safety features and quality computer controlled laser modules. Dermaray Laser combines state-of-the-art technology, powerful laser modules, advanced safety features and the portability of battery operation and a convenient universal power adapter. Dermaray Laser combines power with safety.


Dermaray Skin Treatment Pack

 Dermaray Skin Treatment Pack.

Dermaray Skin Treatment Pack is often used in conjunction with UV phototherapy. Our Skin Pack contains gentle Shampoo and Conditioners, a natural based general use moisturiser and a high potency vitamin dry skin repair cream.


Dermaray Hair Treatment Pack

Dermaray Hair Loss Treatment Kit.

Dermaray Hair Treatment Pack is often used in conjunction with Laser therapy. Our Hair Pack contains gentle Shampoo and Conditioners and a leave in conditioner that contains natural Rhonadine, which is a naturally occurring ingredient.


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