OEM Manufacturing of UVB treatment systems.

Dermaray quality control and manufacturing

Dermaray products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.  Where possible, environmentally responsible practices and materials have been used.  This is also evident in the recycled cardboard chosen for the Dermaray packaging. Dermaray is manufactured in a fully approved medical device manufacturing plant with appropriate ISO qualifications and the highest level of quality control.  Each Dermaray product is thoroughly tested to help ensure years of trouble free operation during the production process.  After manufacturing has been completed, each and every Dermaray is again thoroughly inspected and extensively tested prior to final packaging, sale and transport.


Dermaray circuit board production line.

Circuit board inspection line.

Dermaray robotic assembly line.

Automated robotic component assembly.

Dermaray final component assembly.

Hand component assembly.

Quality control and testing for Dermaray.

Quality control and testing.

Dermaray finished product line.

Finished product queue.

Electronic testing and calibration equipment for Dermaray.

Computerised diagnostics and testing.

Environmental testing chamber for Dermaray phototherapy.

Environmental testing chamber.

Dermaray lead free wave souldering system.

Wave soldering enclosure.

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